Happy Holidays!

I had on queue sending a Holiday message to all the people following this blog, and to those who, once again, helped me to start and to make possible so many dreams and projects (both personal and professional)

To all of you, I'd like to wish Happy Holidays and a great 2009. I think we, as a species, do have a huge challenge in the years to come, so 2009 is a good excuse to keep changing our world.

A small "homemade" message, built on the work of so many others (I really suggest you to download it, because it looks way better. Slideshare still has a few things to improve):

I hope to discover, with you, new ways to improve our world, and to keep learning just like I did this year.

Thank you everyone for making 2008 a year even more memorable than the last one!

Happy Holidays!

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Soy Diego Leal . Quiero entender cómo funciona el mundo y ayudar a otros a hacerlo. Para ello trabajo en el diseño e implementación de experiencias de aprendizaje en red con uso de tecnología, que nos den pistas sobre cómo podemos aprovechar el potencial de los recursos con los que contamos para mejorar nuestro entorno. Me sorprende lo poco que sabemos y lo mucho que creemos saber.

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