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Finally, after three weeks, I'm heading back to Colombia. Right now I'm at RJ's International Airport, waiting for the boarding call.

A little more than an hour ago, I said goodbye to my darling Marie. It is so difficult to leave her! But I'm happy about the things I did, saw and learned with her in this trip. I've seen this city in a completely different way, and I'm going back to Colombia with more clarity about the things to come, and the road I want to walk in the near future.

Yet, there are still decisions that will have to be made. Will I pursue a doctoral degree? That is a question that has haunted me for a long time now, but for the first time I feel that I have a way to make an informed choice. If so, where will I go? US? Canada? Brazil?

I want to come to Brazil, so I can be with Marie. But the possibility of a graduate program in the US still appeals to me, so there could be a chance to spend a few months in Brazil (working, perhaps?) and then leave in autumn to US. Does that make any sense? I really think so, but there is an exercise I will have to do before I have a final decision. We will see.

Writing is becoming a different thing for me. This is not only about my work, but about my own personal growth. It seems nice to leave a trace of the choices I made along the way, so I can go back to them later in my life. And, if these thoughts could ever be useful to someone else, that will be an unexpected side effect.

The next few months have the potential to change my life. It's up to me to make the best of them.

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