At the airport: Virtual Educa Colombia

I'm going to Barranquilla. I'll be participating in a panel, in an event called "Iberoamerican Meeting on Virtual Learning", organized by the newborn Virtual Educa Colombia.

I got to the airport at 5:15. It was unexpectedly busy, but I was able to check in on time. Avianca has become very efficient at this... However, the fog is so thick this morning, that the airport is closed and we are on standby, till further notice.

I'll try and blog the meeting (hopefully live, and that is, if I manage to get there... :D), but I'll be depending on the availability of electric outlets. My battery has decided it's no longer interested in working with me...

The panel will address four questions, so I'm already thinking about them (Now, keep in mind that this is in the Colombian education context):

  1. What are the most relevant initiatives in the country, referred to the e-Learning area?
  2. In which ways can you innovate education with IT, and what trend do you like the most: online learning, b-learning or learning networks?
  3. What is the teacher role in the new educational model?
  4. Surprising and unexpected question by the audience. :roll:

So, I'll try and report later about the panel...

(DISCLAIMER: Please, bear with me. I'm trying to improve my english writing, so any comment or correction will be really welcome. Thank you!)

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